Inspiration from Bangladesh

By , May 10 17





spice seller

Spice seller

spices for sale

Spices for sale

I have recently returned from a very interesting trip to Bangladesh. I traveled by air, boat, bus train and rickshaw from the Sundarban to the Bandarban National Parks, passing through many towns and villages on the way.

I returned home with many memories and images in my mind – the frenzy and noise of the Dhaka and larger towns, the peace and tranquility of the Sundarban and countryside and the dirt and dust – but what stood out most for me was the vibrant colours some of which I share with you here. I hope you find these images as inspirational as I do.



Beautiful bourganvillea


Beautiful bourganvillea

A shot of colour amidst the dust



Getting from A to B by rickshaw is the most popular way to travel in the cities. I visited an artist in Old Dhaka who specializes in bespoke decorating


university students

University students in ‘everyday’ wear, gorgeous vibrant colours.


In the pink

In the pink, women and children outside a mosque


Shades of orange and ochre

Shades of burnt sienna, orange and ochre. Shabby chic charm, but it’s just the way it is in Bangladesh.


fish baskets for sale

Fish baskets for sale These are loaded up with fish from the holds in the fishing boats and taken to the fish markets by boy porters who carry their load on their heads.


typicl inner courtyard

Typical inner courtyard of derelict 18th century house, Panam City near Dhaka – a deserted place with Moghul, Indian and British influenced architecture.


bannister post in 18th century post

Detail of bannister post in 18th century house Panam City near Dhaka


interior tiling in Star Mosque, Old Dhaka

Interior tiling in the Star Mosque, Old Dhaka. Note the english tiling – genuine Minton tiles installed in the 19th century


water lily

Water lily, national flower of Bangladesh



A family outside their village home


Street stalls, Dhaka

Street stalls, Dhaka



Sunset in the Sundarban National Park


Morning mist

Morning mist in the Bandarban National Park


Emerald green painted door.A colour used often to paint external doors, windows and buildings too.


Seaside dressing

Dressed for a visit to the seaside

Spring is here, so time to give your old home some TLC

By , Apr 20 17

If you live in an old house (or indeed a new one) regular checks are a good idea and spring is a good time to do this. By making a list of any maintenance and repair jobs and prioritizing the most important, you will be in control and avoid  costly repairs.


You want your house to be watertight so check the exterior first, the roof for missing or loose tiles, gutters and down pipes for leaves and misaligned joins, the condition of the doors, windows and frames, brickwork for spalling and loose or missing mortar and finally the condition of all paintwork.


Then move inside starting in the loft, inspect the condition of the rafters for woodworm, the condition of the roof felt and if there are any leaks. Go through the entire property checking the condition of the walls and ceilings (plaster and paint work), the condition of tiles, all woodwork and exposed floorboards, doors, windows and window frames. Also check that taps and all sanitary ware are not leaking and in good working order.  Check all wool carpets and upholstery for evidence of moth infestation.


check for woodworm


study after renovation

call the chimney sweep


have moths visited this chair?


roof repairs

keep the roof watertight

If you have open fires, have the chimneys swept and re-black the hearth if necessary

Georgian hob

Georgian hob freshly ‘blacked’

Service your boiler, AGA and all other similar equipment that would benefit the same.

Bring spring flowers inside and enjoy your Old Home!



Wacky original features in historic townhouse

By , Apr 5 17

Ludlow has many interesting and listed buildings and I was lucky enough to see the interior of a very special one which although privately owned was open to visitors at that time. This  house is Grade II*,  was rebuilt in 1580 but stands on the site of an earlier 13th century house. I would like to share some of the features I photographed with you.

pendant plaster ceiling

pendant plaster ceiling

carved and linen fold oak paneling

carved and linen fold oak paneling

intricately carved oak panel

intricately carved oak panel

leaded light stained glass window

leaded light stained glass window

timbered interior wall showing wattle construction

timbered interior wall showing wattle construction

pargeting plaster work

pargeting plaster work

First things First

By , Mar 27 17

Welcome to my new website!

I have always lived in old houses and having renovated five over the last decade, I felt I had gained enough knowledge and practical experience to  turn my ‘hobby’ into a business. I used to design and make bespoke hats for special occasions…… Hats to Houses – in a way quite similar!  Each require design, imagination and the use of colour and textiles to create something a little bit different.

I am looking forward to my new ‘journey’ and I do hope you enjoy my website.