Spring is here, so time to give your old home some TLC

By , Apr 20 17

If you live in an old house (or indeed a new one) regular checks are a good idea and spring is a good time to do this. By making a list of any maintenance and repair jobs and prioritizing the most important, you will be in control and avoid  costly repairs.


You want your house to be watertight so check the exterior first, the roof for missing or loose tiles, gutters and down pipes for leaves and misaligned joins, the condition of the doors, windows and frames, brickwork for spalling and loose or missing mortar and finally the condition of all paintwork.


Then move inside starting in the loft, inspect the condition of the rafters for woodworm, the condition of the roof felt and if there are any leaks. Go through the entire property checking the condition of the walls and ceilings (plaster and paint work), the condition of tiles, all woodwork and exposed floorboards, doors, windows and window frames. Also check that taps and all sanitary ware are not leaking and in good working order.  Check all wool carpets and upholstery for evidence of moth infestation.


check for woodworm


study after renovation

call the chimney sweep


have moths visited this chair?


roof repairs

keep the roof watertight

If you have open fires, have the chimneys swept and re-black the hearth if necessary

Georgian hob

Georgian hob freshly ‘blacked’

Service your boiler, AGA and all other similar equipment that would benefit the same.

Bring spring flowers inside and enjoy your Old Home!



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