Look before you leap!

Without forethought and either through ill advice, ignorance or hasty actions, quirky characteristics of a historic property can be lost forever and the original charm of the property has gone. All too often one sees beautiful old houses with very bland ‘modernised’ interiors.

Buying a historic building can be daunting and you may consider guidance before proceeding with the purchase. Or perhaps you may already own the property.

It is highly likely that the house will be listed, employing an architect to submit the application for Listed Builded Consent is advisable. Even if it is not listed, planning permission will required for some alterations. Before you meet the architect and/or conservation officer, it is beneficial to have a good idea of your plans and how you envisage your home.

I offer:

  • Accompanied viewings, verbal (no written report or photographs)
  • Walk and talk advisory guide with written report and photographs (this does not replace a survey)

bedroom oak beams before renovation

hall before renovation

bathroom before renovation

I will:

  • Provide overall guide lines to buying an old building
  • Touch briefly on any visible problems that a survey will disclose in detail (damp/inspect infestation etc)
  • Guide as to what alterations and improvements may be possible within the constraints of planning and conservation rules
  • Highlight existing period features and endeavour to discover more hidden by ‘modern improvements’
  • Advise on sympathetic ways to enhance its interior

Time spent on the initial plan is time and money well spent

bedroom after renovation

hall after renovation

bathroom after renovation


I advise on:

  • The most sympathetic approach to renovate, conserve and restore the interior to your budget. This could be from one small feature or room to the entire property
  • The conservation and restoration of fittings & furnishings: antique furniture; soft furnishings, textile & rugs; artwork & decorative items; china & glass; clocks and metalwork
blind tassles
scorch marks fireplace oakbeam
restored oil painting
Jane Way restoring
oak beams and bricks

I can advise on:

  • Finding professionals and craftsmen best suited to the property and your needs – see Source
  • Purchasing antique or contemporary items suited to the period & design – see Source
  • Purchase and use of suitable building & decorating materials, fittings & ironmongery – see Source
  • Decoration and design – from the smallest room to a entire house – see Design


A problem ‘nipped in the bud’ is the key to maintaining an old property. An undetected leaking pipe or insect infestation can be expensive to put right if missed or ignored. I can provide either a written report with photographs or a verbal report only charged at my hourly rate. I will inspect the interior to establish if any maintenance and repairs are required and will provide a written report. The condition of walls, ceilings, floors, windows, woodwork, paintwork, soft furnishings will be checked. I will recommend any neccesary repairs, renovations or restorations.

A stitch in time saves nine!