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Good management is the key to a stress free project. I can either manage a job for you or you may prefer to manage the project yourself and call upon my services as and when required.

    I will:

  • Manage any project however small
  • Act as liason between your conservation officer, architect and specialist contractors, meet them on site either in your absence or with you
  • Oversee all works of contractors and trades from obtaining quotes to installation as little or as often as required
  • Oversee delivery of items connected to the project
breeze block wall
wires cables


It is a time consuming job searching for a particular item whether it be a piece of furniture or a hand forged nail. Finding a competent contractor or craftsman for a specific job can be difficult. Sourcing a compatible paint to the period of the property can be mind boggling.

I can search for you.

I will establish your needs and can source and purchase on your behalf (if required) the following:

  • Fixtures and fittings joinery, ironmongery, light fittings, fireplaces, windows & doors
  • Furniture (antique, vintage, contemporary), decorative items and works of art, lights, china & glass rugs
  • Paint, wallpapers and furnishing fabrics
  • Skilled contractors, craftsmen and restoration and conservation specialists

I can also:

  • Attend auctions on your behalf
  • Take you shopping
bespoke custom joinery
antique Chinese bowl
bespoke curtain finishings

art deco chair
brass fixtures fittings sourced
antique ornament sourcing

Seek and you shall find